Chinese man uses bamboos, not boats, as his river commute

Meet Fang Shuyun, the man who has mastered the skill of floating on the river using a pair of moso bamboos. With the help of two seven-meter-long bamboos, the 51-year-old Hangzhou local surfed hundreds of meters at a speed of 30 to 50 meters a minute. Fang first tried the stunt in 2014 when he missed his ride home one evening and discovered a bamboo floating on the river by accident. Naturally, he fell into water the first time, but he continued to practice until he managed to balance his 1.7-meter-tall, 55-kilogram body on the slippery bamboo. The key technique, Fang said, is to comply with the wind and water’s powers rather than fighting against them. Fang now uses the two bamboos as a commuting tool.

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