Chinese mechanical arm serves Peruvian food show

The three-meter-long mechanical arm made in China steals the show on August 27 at the Peruvian International Food Exhibition in Lima, by playing a crucial role in the production line to remove cartons of food and put them where they belong.
With a name easy to remember, ABB, the mechanical stacker has enjoyed well-established reputation in the global food-packaging industry, since it made debut in 2012 at the Chicago Expo.
A pet food manufacturer in Peru bought two sets of ABB in 2013 and 2014, and this is why the stacker comes to the current exhibition.
(Soundbite)Li Hao, Chinese Exhibitor
“If any opportunity is found here, we would mull establishing a branch in Peru. The spare parts will be manufactured in China for us to found an assembly branch in Peru.”
One set of this automated conveyer sells at 200,000 to one million U.S. dollars, depending on its sophistication and capability.
The Peruvian food show, as the most important one of its kind in South American, attracts 587 enterprises from the world to display their latest products this year, with the trade volumes expected to reach 800 million U.S. dollars in total.

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