Chinese naval flotilla visits Mexico for friendly exchange

A flotilla of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy arrived in the Mexican port of Acapulco on November 24 for a 5-day visit to conduct cultural and sport exchanges and hold an exhibition of anti-terrorism equipment.
(Soundbite) Wang Jianxun, Commander of Chinese Fleet
“The visit will further the mutual understanding and support between the Chinese and Mexican peoples and troops, especially the navy troops. It will heat up and deepen the bilateral exchanges. A new pinnacle of friendship is in sight for both countries’ navy forces.”
More than 800 sailors from the fleet were warmly received at the port by their Mexican counterparts as well as Chinese diplomats and compatriots.
(Soundbite) Qiu Xiaoqi, Chinese Ambassador to Mexico
“Both China and Mexico are the pursuers and defenders of world peace. It will contribute to the maintenance of world peace for both countries to enhance their exchange and mutual trust in the military field.”
Prior to visiting Mexico, the flotilla stopped in Cuba, where the staff members participated in marking the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Beijing and Havana.

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