Chinese navy medical ship in Mexico to offer aid and service

Chinese navy medical ship in Mexico to offer aid and service

Waving Chinese flag welcomed navy hospital ship Peace Ark to southern port city of Acapulco on Nov. 12, its maiden trip to Mexico on the fourth leg of its current global sailing called Harmonious Mission 2015.

Lines of Chinese compatriots and Mexican counterparts, as well as local band performance, made the sailors aboard almost at home.

(On-Site Sound: Band Playing)

(Soundbite) Guan Bolin, Commander of Harmonious Mission 2015
“(With the Harmonious Mission) we consistently highlight the idea of humanity, fraternity and devotion, spread the Chinese ideal of peace loving and maintenance, as well as relay China’s willingness to construct harmonious sea and world with other countries.”

On its seven-day mission in Mexico, Peace Ark will serve as a platform to offer medical assistance and humanitarian services to local communities and orphanages.

(Soundbite) Mexican Navy Representative Sarmiento
“The giant vessel is well equipped. I believe it will bring health and welfare to the people of Mexico and other countries.”

Peace Ark has visited 25 countries so far providing medical aid to some 90,000 people worldwide.

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