Chinese navy visits Indonesian orphans

Chinese navy has visited an Indonesian orphanage in the capital Jakarta, bringing music performances and stationery gifts to children there.

Members of Fleet 152 of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy visited Indonesian naval Yos Sudarso orphanage in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The Yos Sudarso orphanage houses 34 children whose parents passed away during their service with the Indonesian navy.

The children are receiving proper care and education there. Thirty one of them are studying at school and three at college.

The sailors played suona, a traditional musical instrument from southwest China’s Yunnan Province, sang classical song in the style of Peking Opera, and showed the prowess of Chinese kungfu, to cheer up the children.

The navy members also gifted stationery and sport facilities to the orphans.

Chinese navy’s Fleet 152 arrived in Jakarta on Sunday for a five-day visit.

Indonesia marks the 16th and last stop during the fleet’s 10 month-long journey around the globe.

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