Chinese oil painter exhibits Olympics-theme works in Rio

One month before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Chinese oil painter Liu Tiefei exhibited his recent works to hail the Olympic spirit and achievements on July 5 in Rio de Janeiro.

(Soundbite) Liu Tiefei, Chinese Oil Painter
“Oil paintings can add some artistic taste to the Olympic Games. So (in 2012) they invited me to create some works with Olympic theme for exhibition at the Rio Games.”

Liu’s works on show featured such Brazilian components as its landmarks and people of different colors, revealing the first Olympic Games held in South America.

(Soundbite) Liu Tiefei, Chinese Oil Painter
“After a whole year of conceiving, I started to paint. One of them is called Long Journey of Olympics, which illustrates all the past 30 Olympic Games. Besides, I drew some works to highlight the scenery and the people of Brazil.”
This was the second time the Chinese artist exhibited his works for Olympic Games in their host countries, after the London Games in 2012.

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