Chinese Olympic team sets up base in Sao Paulo

With the aim of helping athletes to adapt to conditions in Brazil, the Chinese Olympic delegation has established its training center in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo.
About 350 people, including athletes, technicians and workers, will use the Pinheiros Sports Club, the largest in Latin America, from mid July to August 15, before the Olympic Games kick off in Rio de Janeiro.
Less than an hour from the host city, the sports club covers 170,000 square meters; including 80,000 square meters of green areas.
These facilities will see Chinese athletes from 15 different sports, such as swimming, gymnastics, athletics, water polo and taekwondo train and prepare for the Olympics.
The vast majority of athletes will be staying in a hotel a few meters from the Pinheiros club to facilitate their training.
After the training period, Chinese athletes will travel to Rio de Janeiro, where they will staying in the Olympic Village and finally compete

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