Chinese paleontologist ignites dino craze in Buenos Aires

A crowd of dinosaur sculptures and fossils have amazed the visitors at the Cultural Center of Science on May 21 in Buenos Aires.

(Soundbite) Xu Xing, Chinese Paleontologist
“It is widely known that Argentina is advanced in paleontological studies and very abundant in dinosaur fossils. Today I meet the Argentine public to exchange my studies on Chinese dinosaurs. I am surprised to encounter their passion and knowledge about dinosaurs, really out of my imagination.”

On the sideline of the show, Chinese paleontologist Xu Xing gave a lecture about feathered dinosaurs and their link to modern birds.

(Soundbite) Xu Xing, Chinese Paleontologist
“I admire the high level of scientific education in Argentina. This is something we have to learn in China. I hope more people to participate in the process of knowing about dinosaurs.”

Xu is in the capital city after an invitation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Argentina. He is world renowned for having discovered and named more than 60 species of dinosaurs. One more surprise, he has a longer fan list, right after his lecture is over.

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