Chinese Peacekeepers bring happiness to children in Cango

The Chinese peacekeeping “Love Class” in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), translator Wu Fei writes on the board in both English and Chinese.

A local teacher then translates into French and Swahili for students easy reading and understanding. In Sud-Kivu Lumanya primary school, children are attracted by the trilingual teaching in the classroom.

There are more than 400 students, but only 6 classrooms, 5 teachers, 48 desks and chairs, in Lumanya primary school where the Chinese peacekeepers’camp nearby.

Located in Central Africa, Chinese peacekeepers were taken to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) under the UN peace mission to construct a patrol road to prevent rebels getting more strongholds in the mountains.

From December 2014, Chinese Peacekeepers began to carry out a “peacekeeping-love class” monthly, the soldiers use spare time to teach the kids Chinese , play and dance with them. They also donate school supplies and food, help them to disperse the haze caused by frequent unrests.

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