Chinese Premier in Brussels

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived in Brussels late Sunday for the 17th China-EU leaders’ meeting.

It is the first visit by the Chinese premier to the EU since the pan-European bloc swore in its new leadership.

Upon arrival in Brussels, Premier Li said the China-EU relationship has witnessed increasingly prominent characteristics of strategic significance and mutual benefit after four decades of development.

Li said he expects to conduct in-depth discussions with the new EU leadership on deepening bilateral ties and pragmatic cooperation.

During his stay in Brussels, Li is scheduled to address the opening ceremony of a China-EU business summit and attend a forum on the China-EU urbanization partnership.

China and the EU will issue a document to outline their future cooperation priorities and a statement on some global issues.

Apart from the meeting, Li will also visit Belgium and pay an official visit to France. He’s also scheduled to visit the headquarters of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD, in Paris.

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