Chinese professor teaches calligraphy at Mandarin class in Peru

Chinese professor teaches calligraphy at Mandarin class in Peru

The students at the Confucius Institute in Peru are fascinated with practicing Chinese calligraphy.

Zhou Bin, a professor from the University of East China, incorporates calligraphy exercise into his Mandarin session, which immediately excites his local students.

They are further encouraged, when the professor exhibits their works in Lima on June 21, together with that of Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon.

(Soundbite) Zhu Xiaoyan, Cultural Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Lima
“This is an important platform for Peruvians to know the beauty and culture of China. It also plays an important and fundamental role in promoting the bilateral exchanges and cooperation.”

Due to his experience as the calligraphy teacher for Ban Ki-moon, Zhou Bin has even gained an icon status among his students at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

From the professor, the young Peruvians become to know that Chinese calligraphy features the beauty of ideograms by expressing personality, feelings, ethics, values and culture.

(Soundbite) Juan De Dios, Student
“What I like is that Chinese calligraphy has many years of history, and nowadays this traditional art is updated with simplified characters, which I can understand better but not completely.”

The exhibition is part of the celebrations of the Year of Cultural Exchange between China and Latin America, and the 45th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between China and Peru.

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