Chinese scanners installed to serve Olympic check ups in Rio

NucTech staffers are busy installing scanners on the venues of the Olympic and Paralymic Games in Rio de Janeiro, two weeks before the events start in Brazil.

(Soundbite) CHEN YONGJIAN, General Manager of Nuctech Brazil
“We are installing 256 scanners for the Rio Games. All the four Olympic venues are fitted with our equipments. For most of the events, the security check relies on our devices. The main airports in Brazil are also equipped with our scanners to serve arrival and departure of passengers.”

Security has increasingly become the major focus for the International Olympic Committee, right before the Games is held for the first time in South America.
NucTech looms large as a top choice on the basis of its technology and long-standing credit.

(Soundbite) Chen Yongjian, General Manager of Nuctech Brazil
“Nuctech Brazil was founded in 2014, and then provided security check equipments for the World Cup. During the past two years, we have improved our brand awareness to a new level. During the bidding process for the Rio Games, our brand awareness, coupled with our quality products and team capacity, we secured most of the tenders.”

Over 850,000 security forces of Brazil will serve the Games from August to September on various venues, where more than 10,000 athletes and 500,000 foreign tourists are expected.
For NucTech, this is a heavy responsibility to fulfill and a hard job to deliver.

(Soundbite) Chen Yongjian, General Manager of Nuctech Brazil
“Our factory in Sao Paulo has started production this month. Next month, the first batch of equipments is scheduled for Argentina. This year we plan to put six types of products into production in Brazil, in line with a localization strategy.”

Nuctech, the Chinese scanner maker, not only provides security check equipments for the main venues of the Games, but for the Olympic Village and the leading airports of Brazil, where high influx of passengers are expected during the season.

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