Chinese school in Rio trains social staffers for Olympic Games

Twenty-year-old Brazilian Julia Moreira has been practicing Chinese very hard in recent days.
She has been assigned to host a online service in Chinese for introduction of the customs and traditions in Rio de Janeiro, where the Olympic Games will be opened in a week.

(Soundbite) Julia Moreira, Student at Hello China
“I will introduce everything about Rio to Chinese people in Mandarin. I think the Chinese people like Rio, because there are a lot of attractions, like the Sugarloaf Mountain and the beaches. They are all beautiful places, so I think when the Chinese people come here, they will love them.”

Julia is currently beefing up her Chinese at the Hello China School, which is dedicated in the Olympic year to training local students to serve the Chinese Delegation.

(Soundbite) Julia Moreira, Student at Hello China
“I started learning Chinese when I was very young, because I like the Chinese culture and history.”

Her classmates are also arranged for various services, like translation, driving and reception.
Many of them even gave up the chance to be Olympic volunteers for the opportunity to work for the Chinese athletes, coaches and delegates.

(Soundbite) Wang Yili, Director of Hello China
“A lot of Chinese delegates and athletes will come here for the Games. We offer this opportunity of translation, reception and driving for local students, especially those affluent in speaking Chinese. They passed several rounds of interviews before admission to our targeted training.”

So far, 25 students have passed the tests to be the first batch of trainees for Olympic service.

(Soundbite) Wang Yili, Director of Hello China
“The Hello China School was founded in 2007. Before, it was the International Exchange Center between Brazil and China. Before the Beijing Olympics (in 2008), more and more Brazilians wanted to know more about Beijing and China. So, in 2007 we cashed in on this trend to set up this school.”

The students come from all walks of life. Some of them have business ties in China, some study subjects at university related to China, and others are just interested in the Chinese culture.

(Soundbite) Wang Yili, Director of Hello China
“This is a great honor for our school, because these students have learned Chinese for so many years. We do not only teach them the language in the classroom, but also pass the Chinese culture to them, like the Chinese people’s living habits and working patterns. There are some contents that make them have a deep longing and anticipation for China.”

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