Chinese shooters get acclimated in Rio for Olympics 2016

The daily massage is one of the ways for the national shooters to guarantee victories at the upcoming Olympics in August in Rio de Janeiro.

A few days in Rio, the Chinese team has been trying to familiarize themselves with the local environment.

(Soundbite) Wang Yifu, Head Coach
“In our delegation, there are three generations of athletes. Every generation has its own characteristics. The young ones have more momentum, while the others are more experienced.”

Many team members were the medalists from London Olympics.
They came to Rio almost four months ahead of the games for adjustment and preparation.

(Soundbite) Pang Wei, Chinese Shooter
“As we grow, we take part in more competitions and become mature. I expect myself to be calm in this year’s Games and live up to my own aims.”

The Chinese team completed its Olympic qualification last month.
A total of 17 shooters won the chance to compete at the Rio Olympics, among whom six were Olympic gold medalists and nine newcomers.

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