Chinese spectacle, “My Dream”, continues in Panama

Panamanians wearing typical Chinese hats ate a Chinese buffet, as part of Spring Festival celebrations, while enjoying distinct aspects of China’s millennial tradition at the start of the Year of the Monkey.

Once more, the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, sumptuously expressed the honesty, goodness and beauty of the soul, in a show which closed the country’s Chinese New Year festivities.

A poem, expressed through sign language, showed the dreams and aspirations of the blind, deaf, and those suffering from other disabilities. The dance shows that, while life is imperfect, love is its common language.

The Goddess of a Thousand Hands overshadowed the dancers, who moved to interpreted musical notes with great synchronicity.

(SOUNDBITE, español) Heidy Choi, presenter
“The Goddess of a Thousands Hands is a wondrous magical event, presented by disabled people, who may be blind and mute but talented.”

Butterflies extended their wings in flight in a show of love, harking to Romeo and Juliet. A series of colorful artistic settings, combining traditional and modern dances, lyrics and instruments, including a saxophone solo, promised a fruitful and successful year during which love would bring couples together in their home, moved by the energy of the monkey.

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