Chinese Spring Festival celebrated in Rio de Janeiro

The spectacle, known as “Chinese Cultural Spring Festival”, is making its return to Rio de Janeiro to take part in the city’s Lunar New Year celebrations.

Several dance demonstrations by artists clad in red and yellow costumes caught the eyes of the Cariocas. A soprano voice at its peak sweetened the ears of the audience. Magic tricks wowed the crowd while circus skills, backed by a color and light show, showcased traditional Chinese culture with dazzling feats of balance and control. The show was a masterful display of art that united two nations.

(SOUNDBITE, Portuguese ) Song Yang, China’s consul-general in Brazil
“Rio de Janeiro is a window of culture in Latin America. This show we offer serves as a great exchange between China and Latin America. This event is really a strong way to share our happiness with the Brazilian people. ”

About 10 years ago, China became Brazil’s largest trading partner. This association is only intensifying every year, which is reflected in the interest of both peoples in reducing the cultural distance between the two nations.

This Spring Festival celebration shows it is possible to showcase ancient Chinese art in the West while captivating new audiences without losing its identity.

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