Chinese students most likely to enter uni in Britain

Young people of Chinese descent are the more likely than another other group to enter univerisities in Britain.
That’s according to a recent report from the country’s Institute for Fiscal Studies.
On average, 75.7 percent of Chinese pupils in Britian are estimated to receive university education.
The percentage is the highest among that of all surveyed ethnic groups, including Indians at 67.4 percent, Black Africans at 56.6 percent, and the Bangladeshi at 48.8 percent.
White British pupils, by contrast, are the least likely ethnic groups to go to university.
Only 32.6 percent of the native group are expected to enroll.
The study also finds that pupils from the poorest Chinese families are more likely to enter university than the richest white pupils.
And the poorest white pupils are the least likely to be educated in college.

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