Chinese submersible conducts 6,748m deep-sea research

Chinese explorer ship Zhang Jian released its deep-sea submersible Rainbow Fish at the New Britain Trench of the Solomon Sea on Thursday.

Scientist staff retrieved the Rainbow Fish after it accomplished an 18-hour research under a 6,748-meter-deep survey location.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): XU QIANGHUA, Prof. of Shanghai Ocean University
“We’ve retrieved the submersible after it reached a 6,700-meter-deep survey location. It collected water sample there, but failed to collect samples of macrolife. This is within our expectation. As there could be no macrolife at all at the site of touchdown. But it also could be missing during the way of ascent. ”
China began developing Rainbow Fish in 2014.

It is capable of diving to 11,000 meters, much deeper than the Jiaolong submersible, which set a Chinese record for manned diving when it reached 7,062 meters in the Mariana Trench in June 2012.

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