Chinese team helps set up tents for quake victims of Ecuador

Tent making interests the little girl who becomes displaced after the magnitude-7.8 earthquake jolted Ecuador on April 16.

With the props donated by the Chinese government, she is going to have a temporary home on April 30 in her hometown Jaramico beside the Pacific Ocean.

(Soundbite) Cesar Navas, Security Coordination Minister
“We thank the cooperation of the Chinese government because, as we see, the facilities today have given us shelters.”

Two weeks after the tremor, life gradually returns to normal. Even the kids don’t forget to pick up their favorite games.

(Soundbite) Bawer Bailón Pico, Mayor of Jaramico
“In deputy of our government and people, we appreciate the donation from our brothers of China. Behind me is the 9-hectare plot cleaned to develop a definitive shelter, and then we will have a housing plan for the victims of this earthquake.”

Altogether 5,400 tents are allocated for the city, each one 1.8 meters high with 12 square meters of space.
Though their buildings were shattered, the tents will help the local residents regain a life of hope and vitality.

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