Chinese tourists experience “extreme” Spring Festival in Costa Rica

A zip line, Tarzan swing, waterfall rappelling, a free fall jump on the canopy tree tops in Costa Rica’s tropical forest, surrounded by breathtaking views…….

The Central American country offers not only world-famous wildlife and natural beauty but distinctive extreme sports, leading it to become many Chinese tourists’ new choice for their Spring Festival vacations.

SOUNDBITE: FU XUAN, Chinese tourist
“Costa Rica is a small country but it has fantastic tropical forests that’s world famous for its volcanoes as well as hot springs. It has been a fantastic experience coming to Costa Rica, especially during Spring Festival.”

Volcanoes, hot springs, rushing waters, drama-queen falls, natural beaches, rainforest and teeming wildlife made Costa Rica a perfect getaway for those who live all year long in the city.

For young Chinese tourists who really want to set their hearts pumping, Costa Rica is filled with adventures.

SOUNDBITE: XI XIAOJIE, Chinese tourist
“I have seen volcanoes and waterfalls in many places, but I never such a diversity of species or waterfalls or volcanoes as Central America region. It’s a quite different from other regions.”

According to figures from the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), Costa Rica received 9,552 Chinese visitors in 2015, which means a 29.2% growth from 2014.

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