Chinese tourists to Australia hit records

Australia’s tourism boom continued in 2015 on the back of a surge in Chinese visitors.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says more than one million Chinese tourists arrived in Australia during the year, setting a new record.

China continues to be the fastest growing tourism market for Australia, just ahead of India.

In 2014, the ABS said 823,000 Chinese travelers flocked to Australia and that figure was pushed over the one million mark last year.

The surge in Chinese visitors has now made the Asian powerhouse Australia’s most valuable tourism market.

JOHN O’ SULLIVAN, Managing director, Tourism Australia
“We were really happy with the results announced this morning by the ABS to get that growth out of such an important market for tourism here in Australia. It has just been really gratifying. But it’s not just about Tourism Australia, it’s actually about the industry.”

The figures showed that Chinese visitors spent more than 5.4 billion U.S. dollars in Australia annually.

Over 900 million U.S. dollars are on shopping.

That figure accounted for 37 percent of all spending on shopping by international visitors to Australia.

JOHN O’ SULLIVAN, Managing director, Tourism Australia
“The group tours have really now been, by and large replaced by the independent traveler. And that’s really important because as I said before they spend more on average. They spend double the amount of a normal leisure visitor from other markets. They stay longer and hopefully should our campaigns go the right way they’ll return visit.”

Tourism Research Australia have estimated Chinese tourist arrivals to double to two million, and their spending to grow seven percent per year and reach 9.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2024-25.

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