Chinese university teaches freshers how to date

Being a freshmen can be a new start for one’s study, future career and equally importantly, love.

Worry not, Romance Course run by Tianjin University in China aims to help you reach the happy-ever-after ending.

The course is mainly prepared for freshmen. Legal issues, dating tips, and the psychology in a relationship are taught in ways of lecture and debate.

Less creative though, instead of building a romance relationship or having a few successful dates, students are required to write a paper at the end of the term.

[SOUNDBITE] XIE SHU, Course Lecturer, Tianjin University
We are not encouraging students to get involved in a relationship, instead, the course is to help students with their understanding of love and romance.

Tianjin University is not the first to open courses on love and romance. Previously, similar online lectures given by a professor of Fudan University in Shanghai went viral on the Internet.

Most students are in favor of such courses.

[SOUNDBITE] Student of Tianjin University
Having a relationship used to be an abstract subject. This course makes it more theoretical and more specific.

[SOUNDBITE] Student of Tianjin University
I like it. The course helps a lot, because as freshmen, we now have too little experience.

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