Chinese woman strikes a blow against sexual harassment on subways

A video of a young woman confronting a man trying to secretly film her on the subway, and making him delete the photos and videos he had taken, has gone viral with many heralding it as a blow against sexual harassment.

The woman from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, filmed her confrontation with the man who was hiding his phone in a backpack. He first denied filming the girl and later admitting to it promising, “I will delete the videos”. The woman is then seen telling other passengers on the subway that the man had tried to film up the bottom of her skirt. The video ends with the man seemingly biting a phone memory card, presumably with the footage he had filmed, and leaving the subway carriage quickly.

The woman later published the video online and called on all women to bravely stand up and confront “perverts” they encounter on the subway.

The video quickly went viral causing heated debate online. While the girl’s bravery was praised by many Chinese netizens, a large number of people criticized other passengers’ behavior for not doing anything on the same subway carriage.

“All other passengers’ acts like this have nothing to do with them. They were all distant. There is no sense of social responsibility of them at all! ” @xiamixiami said.

“Why did no one stand up to help the girl in the carriage? ” @luhuer queried.

“Thumbs up to the girl’s courage! And to those people who said woman should not wear short skirts and pants to induce the crime, why can’t we women wear short skirts? I love to wear skirts!” @beibeitutubeibei insisted.

The issue of sexual harassment on subway trains has become an important issue in recent years. In 2012 a survey by China Youth Daily found 13.6% of subway passengers in China had experienced sexual harassment, although 59% of respondents blamed women dressing scantily. While in 2015 a proposal was put forth by two members of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) for women-only carriages on the Beijing subway during rush hours.

The local police office commended the young woman’s actions and published a warrant for the man’s arrest online. Further investigation is underway while the police stated the suspect would not escape sanction for the indecent assault.

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