Choppers help Colombian police bust drug labs in forests

Police choppers hovers over the forests in the Province of Cordoba on January 20 in search of drug-producing labs hid under the canopies.

As soon as the chopper lands, it means another den has been spotted.

This laboratory is stacked with dangerous materials and all the equipment and technology to produce a ton of cocaine each month at full capacity. The cocaine is usually destined for Central America or Mexico.

(Soundbite) Colonel Alexander Sanchez, National Police of Colombia
“This sophisticated laboratory is for production of hydrochloride cocaine. There are three rustic buildings equipped with powerful instruments and all elements to process hydrochloride.”

Heavily armed helicopters can scare away gang members, avoiding the possibility of crossfire.

This is why the Colombian police scored successive victories in mitigating drug production all across the country.

(Soundbite) Colonel Alexander Sanchez, National Police of Colombia.
“These structures belong to the Usuga gang which commits crimes in this sector. Such labs can make them huge profits.”

By using helicopters, the police have destroyed 105 illicit drug laboratories in recent months, downing productivity by almost 90 percent.

The chopper operation has been carried out over the provinces of Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Choco and Cordoba, where underground drug making labs have proven to be rampant.

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