Civilian car hit by military vehicle of PLA

A video of an armored vehicle bumping into a civilian car driven by a woman in an urban district of China has gone viral and has divided netizens’ opinions.
According to the China Defense Newspaper, the incident occurred when several armored vehicles were heading to an emergency drill. The civilian car driver, instead of waiting for the fleet to pass, tried to squeeze through a gap by speeding up and collided with the armored vehicle. 
Fortunately no one was injured in the incident, and the local traffic police said the civilian car driver should take full responsibility.
The video, however, triggered various discussions on China’s social media.
Some of the netizens were quick to point out the fact that the driver was a woman, and commented sarcastically about “female drivers”. Others said the driver should avoid military vehicles at all times due to the important tasks they fulfill. But some blamed the armored vehicle, saying that it is unreasonable for military vehicles to enter residential neighborhoods during the daytime as they disturb residents’ normal lives.

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