Clumsy Chengguan can’t keep up with coordinated march

A trainee managed to stand out from the crowd during a training for Chengguan but for the wrong reasons. What was supposed to be a routine drill where officers had to swing opposite arm and leg at the same time as they moved forward, proved to be a mission impossible for one member. The unidentified man was caught on tape struggling to pick up the steps and coordinate his moves despite the trainer attempting to correct him time and again.

His clumsiness brought laughter to his colleagues, as well as confusion to some as his coordination impairment rubbed off on them resulting in them also walking awkwardly. The video, which went viral online, was met with waves of chuckles among netizens, but some pointed out that the man’s inability to harmonize motor skills could be a disorder that should not be taken as laughing stock.

A Chengguan, or “city management official,” is an officer who imposes municipal regulations in Chinese cities. They keep in check illegal street vendors, and enforce rules related to parking, sanitation, among others.

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