Clutching to life: Chinese boy dangles from 3rd floor for 10 minutes

In the newest episode of careless parenting, a three-year-old Chinese boy hung on to dear life as he dangled from the third floor in east China’s Jiangsu Province.

Footage of the boy showed how the kid was struggling to free himself after his head got stuck between window bars. He had been left alone at home, while his grandmother was away.

Passersby jumped in to help, climbing a ladder to the second floor and supporting his body in an attempt to give him leverage. Ten minutes into the ordeal, the kids was rescued when his grandmother pulled him back, after returning home.

The incident happened last Thursday in the city of Taixing.

It is by far not an isolated case; emergency workers and organizations constantly warn parents not to let children out of sight, but with the recurrence rate of similar accidents, it seems like some parents need a much more alarming wakeup call.

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