Coal mine fire traps 13 in NE China

A fire at a coal mine in northeast China’s Liaoning Province has trapped 13 people underground on Monday.

That is according to the national work safety supervisor.

The mine in Benxi City of Liaoning caught,Liaoning Proveince fire early on Monday morning and rescue work is underway.

HAO CHIJUN, Chief of Benxi Safety Supervision Bureau
“The main point of the rescue is to put out the fire and lower the temperature. Now the temperature of the fire zone is about 60 degrees Celsius and with very high concentration of carbon monoxide. Only after that, the rescurers can get down to the tunnel to figure out the condition of the 13 trapped miners. ”

The State Administration of Work Safety said the fire was caused by illegal mining and urged local authorities to guard against secondary accidents.

The owner of the illegal coal mine has been controlled by local police department.

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