College students board trains to have lunch, every day!

It looks like a train. It stays on rails. But it no longer serves as a train.

At mealtime, this locomotive and these carriages will host hundreds of students.

SOUNDBITE: LI CHEN, Student, Shandong Architecture University
“When you have a meal on a real train, it’s usually very crowded, and not very comfortable. But here, you can take your time, although this train does not move.”

This platform and the train carriages are located within the Shandong Architecture University, in east China’s Shandong Province.

It’s part of a railworks art base in the university, which specializes in architecture designs.

Since its establishment in 2013, the train canteen has attracted much attention, and visitors, both from within the university and outside.

“Having a meal here feels like riding a train, while we can enjoy the scenery outside.”

On the platform, an instructions board says the train departs from the university to “Tomorrow” — which the school’s managers say, embodies that the college is a transfer station where students can be fully loaded, for achievements of the future.

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