Colombia attends to deportees, demands respect from Venezuela

The Colombian government has been attending to the 1,000-strong deported nationals from Venezuela this week and demanded that the neighboring country settle their border abnormality in respectful and diplomatic way.

(Soundbite) JUAN MANUEL SANTOS, Colombian President
“We demand respect from the government of Venezuela for all the Colombians, from the humblest to the most powerful, to those closest to our government, and even those who criticize us fiercely. We will demand in the ways of diplomacy and dialogue because that is how civilized nations understand each other.”

The deported Colombians, including minors and seniors, were warmly accepted at the border and temporarily sheltered in a coliseum in the town of Villa del Rosario nearby.

(Soundbite) Juan Manuel Santos, Colombian President
“We are making all necessary actions so that the Colombian deportees can rescue their goods and appliances, and for the families to come together, the children reunite with their parents.”

The president has sent Interior Minister Juan Fernando Cristo and Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin to the border to help set up a unified command center to help the Colombian citizens.

This situation along the border worsened, after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared a state of emergency in six municipalities in the state of Tachira.

Last week, three Venezuelan army officers were shot and wounded by gunmen allegedly belonging to paramilitary gangs operating from Colombia, which led to a unilateral closure of the border.

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