Colombia holds Lego Fun Fest

The legendary gamemaker, Lego, has held its first festival in Colombia, inside Bogota’s Corferias pavilion.

With more than two million pieces arranged to encourage creativity in children and adults, the Lego Fun Fest has 11 stations with different types of interactive entertainment.

Race tracks, an art gallery, a building workshop and area construction challenges are just some of the activities designed to stimulate design, construction and healthy competition among participants.

(Sound Bite – Spanish) Liz Gutierrez, Visitor at the Lego Fun Fest
“This is excellent as children of all ages can learn to build things. Their creativity will be developed while adults can have fun with their children. The larger figures they built, such as Yoda, are excellent. ”

The pavilion also features a challenging area in which children and adults compete to build the tallest tower or the strongest bridge. The records stood at a tower 1.55 meters tall and a bridge that could hold 133 pounds.

The popularity of the event was such that the organizers have decided to extend it for another week. Bogota will thus enjoy the Lego festival until March 21.

(Sound Bite – Spanish) Liz Gutierrez, visitor at the Lego Fun Fest
“I invite all parents to bring their children, big or small. It is an excellent chance for entertainment and creativity.”

22 full scale models and various figures complete the exhibition, which has come for the first time to Colombia. However, its second visit next year is already in the works.

Countries like Guatemala, Chile and Peru have also hosted the festival, which is considered one of the most recognized in the world of educational games.

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