Colombian gov’t and FARC sign revised peace agreement in Bogota

Colombian gov’t and FARC sign revised peace agreement in Bogota

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) Rodrigo Londono signed a revised peace agreement in Bogota on Nov. 24.

This came less than two months after a plebiscite narrowly rejected the original agreement, which took four years to negotiate.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia
“What did the Colombians achieve with this agreement? We managed to put an end to the armed conflict with the FARC and lay the foundations for building a stable and lasting peace that was broader and deeper. We managed to stop the bleeding and no more victims. We achieved that those who lost their lands, who had to run to save their lives, can come back and recover.”

The revised agreement was the result of a rigorous discussion between the government and FARC, who had gathered for weeks in Havana, Cuba, to consider proposals to those who opposed the first peace agreement.

(Soundbite, English) Gloria Mancilla de Diaz, Wife of Victim
“It was something that we needed for a long time. It is very important. I think in this country we must stop so much barbarism. We must make a stop to reflect, so that the victims have the possibility of a truth, justice and reparation. Of course, non-repetition is fundamental. ”

Unlike the previous agreement, this new deal will not be subject to a public vote, but will have to be approved by Congress over the course of the next week.

Within 90 days after the approval, the FARC will begin to lay down arms. And within five months, all the weapons of the FARC will be in the hands of the UN.

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