Colombian President targets ELN guerrilla as possible responsible for attacks

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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said on Friday that the National Liberation Army (ELN) is likely responsible for two attacks in Bogota, which left ten people injured, one in critical condition.

(Soundbite- Spanish) Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia
“The information what we have so far suggests that those responsible are the ELN. The evidence so far points in that direction. We had similar ELN attacks last year at this time, between June and July, 10 such incidents occurred last year.”

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Eduardo Montealegre, Attorney General of the Nation, urged the public to cooperate with the authorities.

(Soundbite) Eduardo Montealegre, Attorney General of the Nation
“We respectfully ask the citizens and companies not to deliver suspicious materials to people other than the National Police or the Prosecutor because they may be involved in criminal behavior.”

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One of the explosions took place in the busy financial district of Bogota, and the other in the city center. Colombian police closed the streets near the sites of the blasts.

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