Confirmed cases of Zika in Mexico rise to 37

Mexican health authorities confirmed on Wednesday that four cases of the Zika virus had been found in the southern state of Oaxaca, namely in the Isthmus of Tihuantepec.
Local health services informed locals that 15 municipalities in the state are at risk, mostly because of their proximity to Chiapas, where 24 patients are confirmed to be ill with Zika, out of the 37 registered in Mexico.
Oaxaca has been reinforcing prevention and control measures, including fumigation and the elimination of larvas to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes, while health units have been seeking to wipe out nesting sites in the municipalities at risk.
(SOUNDBITE, Spanish) – Cristian Juarez Reyes, Director of Juchitan Civil Hospital
“We are not letting our guard down, we have to be always ready for any epidemic, whether for Zika or chikungunya.”
Health authorities in the state have also called upon the general population to take the right actions in their homes, where the mosquitoes can find places to reproduce and spread the virus.
Authorities also announced that priority attention would be given to pregnant women, as a prevention measure, since it is highly suspected that women who contract Zika during their pregnancy have a greater risk of giving birth to babies with microcephaly.

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