Contamination under control in Tianjin blast core area

North China’s Tianjin port is gradually returning to normal, ten days after it was hit by massive explosions.

The blasts, which ripped through a warehouse where toxic chemicals were stored, have caused the death of 121 people.

54 remain missing, while hundreds more are still hospitalized.

So far, 200 tonnes of sodium cyanide has been collected and removed from the site.

Over 3,000 tonnes of polluted water from the core blast area have also been removed and treated.

The water supply was cut off immediately after the explosions to ensure that tap water remained unaffected and sewage pipes were blocked.

Officials have confirmed that contamination at the core blast area is now under control, and the surrounding areas are safe.

According to the city environment monitoring center, cyanide levels in samples from rivers and offshore were below toxic levels. Air quality in the area is no different from that reported across the municipality,

The blasts have affected 17,000 households to varying degrees.

Thousands were left in temporary housing shortly after the explosions.

Migrant workers were given payments to help them go home and others have turned to their relatives.

Now only around 100 people are still staying in the temporary shelters.

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