Cooling animals down in hot summer days

Hangzhou city of China has been experiencing constantly high temperatures. Like local citizens, the animals in the zoo of Hang Zhou are struggling with coping with the heat.

Therefore, zookeepers have taken measures recently to help the animals cool down.

In Hangzhou Zoo, a panda is relaxing in an air-conditioned room.

Pandas are vulnerable to high temperatures. They are likely to suffer from respiratory diseases and loss of appetite if the temperature is over 30 degree Celsius.

SOUNDBITE (Chinese): GU JIANGPING, Zookeeper
“We’ve installed air conditioner in the room and now the temperature is 22 degree Celsius. We need to make sure the indoor temperature remains below 26 degree Celsius. In addition, we also have fans to cool down the room if there is a power off.”

Unlike pandas, alpacas enjoy the coolness by showering themselves. The hot weather is difficult for them to adapt for they used to live in the Andes Mountains where the temperature is relatively lower.

SOUNDBITE (Chinese): YANG JIE, Zookeeper
“They feel uncomfortable on such hot days. Therefore, we prepared showers available 24 hours. It is very convenient for them to have a shower when they feel very hot.”

For the elephants, several swimming pools are put into use, in which water is renewed everyday. Water consumption a day is around 300 kilograms.

The showering frequency of the elephants is also increased because of the soaring temperature.

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