Costa Rican students highlight zeal for Chinese language, culture at national competition

Four Costa Rican girls aced out at the Chinese Bridge Contest in Costa Rica on August 17, and will travel to China to participate in the world final to be held from October 16 to November 1.

Besides talk show, the contestants highlighted their knowledge about Chinese culture and even artistic skills.An oral introduction of opera masks.Martial arts practice.Classic dance in traditional costumes.And of course, singing of Chinese folklores.

“I am so excited. I practiced so much and I did my best. For a moment I thought I was not going to win, but when they told me I won I just became too excited.”

The event helped the participants release their vigor and intelligence, thanks to the sponsorship of the Chinese Embassy in Costa Rica, the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica and the Chinese Cultural Center in Costa Rica.

(Soundbite) DANIELA QUIROS LUNA, Winner
“At school they have always taught us Mandarin since Grade One. I started to learn Mandarin at Grade 4. I have learned it for four years. I really like the way they talk and their food.”

Chinese Ambassador to Costa Rica Song Yanbin and Costa Rican Public Education Minister Sonia Marta Mora hosted the competition, where about 300 students from primary and middle schools as well as colleges showed their linguistic talent.

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