Costa Rican toucan regains normal life with prosthetic beak

Grecia the toucan went public on August 10 at the animal rescue center Zoo Ave in San Jose, with a prosthetic beak that restored daily convenience to her.
In January 2015, Grecia suffered a terrible abuse and lost most of her upper beak.
Zoo Ave took the dying bird and made her an artificial beak to resume eating, drinking and tweeting.

(Soundbite) Thomas Lange, Chairman of SG Group
“With the technologies we have today, there are no things that can’t be done. The 3D technology gives you so many more spaces, that you can make structures previously unable to be fabricated.”

After more than one year of recovery, Grecia could lead a normal life, thanks to her new beak, which was made of plastic materials called Nylon DuraForm and printed with 3D technology.

(Soundbite) Thomas Lange, Chairman of SG Group
“The material we use was used in the Formula 1, namely for Formula 1 race cars with very light weight. It is durable. It is a fairly advanced material.”

Zoo Ave has launched an international crowd-funding campaign to get the toucan a prosthetic beak.
A number of industrial designers, dentists, engineers, ornithologists and other professionals in Costa Rica have contributed to Crecia’s new life.

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