Costa Rica’s top rider poised for riskier BMX stunt “Back Flip Down”

As the top rider of Costa Rica, Kenneth Tencio is always preparing to challenge riskier stunt in his professional career of bicycle motor-cross, or BMX.

(Soundbite) Kenneth Tencio, Pro Rider of Red Bull BMX
“And the other day I woke up with a feeling that I could achieve something new. I am one of those people who are always looking to be better.”

This year, Kenneth has decided to surprise the world with a unique trick, “Back Flip Down.”
It means he has to make a “back flip” jump and fall down from multiple stairs.
Many competitors joke with his idea, as none of them has dared to try it so far.

(Soundbite) Kenneth Tencio, Pro Rider of Red Bull BMX
“In the last six months, I have come across several pages of BMX world records. Some people asked me: Why don’t you try it? … I think it is an unexplainable feeling, because it has been discussed in the past 10 years. Besides, I have already achieved four new tricks for the world.”

Though ranking top in several international BMX events, Kenneth Tencio hasn’t loosened his nerve for the challenge, and prepared a lot for the try.
For the Back Flip Down, he has to fall on bike from around 10 stairs as high as 1.80 meters.

Kenneth Tencio grew into the BMX star of the country from the small town of Cartago.
He built up his career through global competitions in France, Croatia, South Africa, among others.
His next stops for race include the United States on September 3, Canada on September 16 and China on October 28.

(Soundbite) Kenneth Tencio, Pro Rider of Red Bull BMX
“The first time I went to China was in 2014. I really love the country. It is such a different country with such a different culture. I think in every place one gets a new experience, and one of those has been China.”

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