Cuba in Change, Part II: Keep our own roots

Cuba is a country full of creations and rich in culture. Natural-born love for dance and music makes them open-hearted and willing to burn up any minute they can enjoy.
The government attaches much importance to preserving and passing on the country’s primitive culture, by conducting seminars and parties especially for the young generation.

A salsa dancing group made up of some 1,500 young people assembled in November 2015 in Havana’s world-famous Malecón, the esplanade along the coast of the capital.

(Soundbite) Juan Gomez, Participant of Record Intention
“This is a challenge that I imagine won’t stop (until we win). This will continue with massive participation.”

During the 15-minute session, the participants danced on four topics of salsa in order to break the Guinness Record set in Greece in 2014, when 1,102 dancers performed in rotation for around 7 minutes non-stop.
Salsa is a Latin-style dance extremely popular and cherished in Cuba. It helps express the joy and wildness of the island residents.

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