Cuba in Change, Part III: Tourism pioneers economic opening

Don’t miss the beach in Cuba, as it is almost the best and the least visited in the Caribbean.

The island country remains open to foreign visitors in recent years, especially those from the neighboring United States. This constitutes a sharp contrast with its cautious way in dealing with other sectors of its economy which is dominantly state-owned.

(Soundbite) Manuel Marrero, Minister of Tourism
“Last year 161,233 Americans visited Cuba, a 76 percent rise over 2014. So far this year, we have already received 94,000 U.S. citizens, a growth of 93 percent over the same period last year.”

At the tourism seminar in Havana in early May, the minister also encouraged the United States to lift the travel ban for its people coming to Cuba.

Currently, most U.S. tourists set their foot on the island for “cultural exchange” purposes rather than sight-seeing. The United States still maintains a trade and financial embargo on Cuba that forbids U.S. citizens from traveling to the island for tourism.

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