Cuba in Change, Part V: Stabilityprioritized inpolitics and diplomacy

In March, Barack Obama paid the first ever presidential visit ofthe United States to Havana in more than 80 decades, after both countries resumed diplomatic ties in July 2015.
The aura seemed warm, and even entertaining at some junctions.

The episode featuring the participation of Obama upgraded VivirdelCuento, the most popular comedy show in Cuba, into a viral success worldwide right after the visit was concluded.
The scene was recorded during his visit to Havana on March 21, featuring the president playing a game of dominoes with three average Cubans.

(Soundbite) LUIS SILVA, Cuban Comedian
“The message we want to convey is that the relations between the two countries hopefully don’t impasse again like dominoes. There has to be from now on friendship, respect and dialogue between the two governments. We believe in a better future.”

However, Cuban leaders remain sober, never changing their pricking stance of the United States for intending to transform and even upend their country.

Dark suit but no tie, Raul Castro kicked off the 7th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) in Havana on April 16, setting the political tone for the island country in the next 5 years.

(Soundbite) Raul Castro, PCC First Secretary and Cuban President
“The neo-liberal formulas and internal voices in the country that demand privatization of state property and social services like health, education and social security will never be applied in Cuba’s socialism.”

Raul stressed that social justice would be upheld, while the Caribbean country continued its process of economic reforms to update its socialist system.
And, most importantly, he won a second and final five-year term as PCC’s First Secretary at the closing session on April 19.

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