Cuban dancer unveils new troupe combining contemporary and classic

Cuban ballet dancer Carlos Acosta unveiled his eponymous dance troupe at the second weekend of April in Havana, refreshing the local art scene with an unprecedented hodge-podge of diverse and even disparate styles.

(Soundbite) Carlos Acosta, Director of Acosta Dance Troupe
“This company is diverse, modern and refreshing, but with a definite Cuban taste. That is the line of Acosta. It embraces all trends: ballet, traditional, modern, post-modern and flamenco. We cover it all.”

42-Year-old Carlos Acosta quit his position at the Royal Ballet of London and returned to his motherland to pick up a career factoring in Cuban elements with overseas styles.

(Soundbite) Laura Treto, Dancer
“Acosta represents the future of dance in Cuba. It comes with new opportunities and very promising choreographers. We try to work from the perspective of mixing up different dancing styles.”

Before the debut, 25 young Cuban dancers had practiced for six months to meet the challenge perceived by Acosta, very much determined to bring a revolution to the dancing area of the island.

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