Cubans pleased with Obama’s speech of peace and reconciliation

The Cuban expressed their pleasure and acceptance of the speech made on Tuesday in Havana by the President of United States, Barack Obama who is concluding a three-day visit to the island.

In the presence of Cuban President Raul Castro, Obama gave a speech at the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater of Havana, which was broadcast live across Cuba on TV and radio.

The words of the American leader pulled up closed several applauses of the auditory.

Soundbite (Spanish) Osiris Novo, Cuban citizen
“Obama’s speech was very positive as he spoke of the reconciliation of Cuban families as the most important thing. In spite of the distance, Cuban families have always tried to maintain a relationship between those at home and those in the U.S. Even against the blockade, despite all the measures against them, Cubans across the straits kept up their communication and family ties, even if they had to travel via other countries.”

Soundbite (Spanish) Yohanna Gonzalez, Cuban citizen
“He was very transparent, and optimistic in changes we need to make for the future. He was very open about starting better relationships among the two countries so as to improve the Cuban economy”.

Others were a little more cautious in evaluating the future.

Soundbite (Spanish) Armando Hernandez, Cuban citizen
“We need to wait and see what decision the U.S. Congress takes about the blockade. The president cannot do anything on this without the guarantee of Congress but I hope the Congress revises its thinking and lifts the blockade”.

Soundbite (Spanish) Osiris Novo, Cuban citizen
“The president of the U.S. is speaking of reconciliation, of a respectful approach, of cohabiting with mutual tolerance for different ideas and points of view. We should give him a vote of trust”.

Obama is the first sitting American president to visit Cuba in 88 years, since Calvin Coolidge in 1928.

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