Cubans practice “asanas” to mark Intel. Day of Yoga

Dozens of practitioners conducted group exercise Sunday in an outdated nautical club in Havana to mark the International Day of Yoga.

(Soundbite) Eduardo Pimentel, President of the Cuban Association of Yoga
“Today we, the Cuban Association of Yoga, are activated. We organized the show to campaign for the healthy sport and commemorate the International Day of Yoga.”

Complicated postures well-known as “asanas” were practiced, and lectures given on physiologic, therapeutic and ethical aspects of the Yoga.

(Soundbite) Lisette Cruz, Yoga Practitioner
“You feel benefits at mental level. You are more concentrated on life. When you have to make decisions for anything, you see them from a cold point of view and that is very good for everything. In everything, I don’t get tired, and I don’t have pains. I always have a lot of energy for everything. It is fantastic.”

There are now 500 to 600 active practitioners of Yoga in Cuba, according to the Cuban Association of Yoga.

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