Cubans receive Obama with hope

Cubans have a positive outlook on the arrival of President Barack Obama to the island, with the hope that this historic visit will change the perception that the world has about the Caribbean country.
(Soundbite, Spanish) – Manolo Garcia, Cook
“It is very good of you to come here to Cuba. We nee people like him to come here to see Cuba, to see the truth about us Cubans, to see the revolution in action. This is what I like about the visit Obama is making to Cuba “.
The US president will leave Cuba on Tuesday, having made history. Not only for being the first president in US to visit the island in 88 years but as an important chapter in the road towards the normalization of bilateral relations.
Soundbite, Spanish) – Modesto Cuesta, doctor
“I think this a good time to clean the slate. In the end, we have to see beyond political problems and transcend border. We have to see that certain policies can affect the development of several countries, such as Cuba, for example.”
Something that was once unthinkable is now reality as the US States and Cuba share their experiences, and their ways of thinking in a unique historical moment.
(Soundbite, Spanish) – Julio Benitez, Cuban citizen
“I never imagined I would see the American flag and the American national anthem being played at the José Martí Plaza de la Revolution. I was thrilled and I consider it a positive for both cultures. ”
Obama said Monday that his country wants to be a “partner” to Cuba and that the best way to help the island is for Congress to lift the economic blockade, which has remained in force since 1962.
Obama’s visit is intended to strengthen the rapprochement between the two countries after the restoration of bilateral diplomatic relations in July 2015 and after more than half a century of enmity.

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