Cubans upbeat over results of twice-a-decade congress of ruling party

Cuban people saw a new and promising future these days, right after the ruling party drew up the development plan of the island country for the next five years.

(Soundbite) German Campos, Cuban
“I think the congress is very important because good things can result, especially to the benefit of the Cuban people and also for our country to be integrated into the world.”

Cuba’s Communist Party concluded its 7th Congress on April 19 to push forward economic reforms and keep its core leadership for another term of five years.

(Soundbite) Jorge Luis Sobrino, Cuban
“I think the party will receive an injection of new people. I mean youth. It seems revolutionary to me. Renewal is always important, because they bring new ideas and things.”

At the congress, the party highlighted its determination to continue the economic reforms started years ago, albeit at a controlled pace.

(Soundbite) Ruben Jimenez, Cuban
“Investment is needed. If Cuba does not have the resources to develop these activities, we have to look elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, the appearance of former leader Fidel Castro triggered off echo and memory of the revolutionary years since communist Cuba was established in 1959 and all the ups and downs it has experienced in the past decades.

(Soundbite) Dinorah Cabrera, Cuban
“It was a congress full of strong revolutionary spirit, and very important and decisive resolutions were made for the Cuban people and revolution.”

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