Daniel Craig in Mexico City again for premier of Spectre

Daniel Craig was in Mexico City again on Nov. 2 for the premier of the latest James Bond franchise flick Spectre, expectedly keeping himself busy taking selfies with local fans.

(Soundbite) Daniel Craig, Actor
“What we do is that we are trying to make the best movie as we can. We are trying to film what is going on in the world. At the end of the day there is James Bond movie. There are excitement, glamour and all the other things James Bond movie should have.”

Segments of the movie were shot earlier this year in the capital city to highlight its world-famous sight-seeing spots and cultural events.

(Soundbite) Léa Seydoux, Actress
“I think it is even bigger than London. It is a huge premier. It is beautiful.”

Mexico City is the second location in the world after London to host the much-anticipated premiere.

The premier coincided with the local celebration of the traditional Day of Dead, which was reflected in the movie as strong plot to pump up the British agent’s heroic deeds.

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