Delayed lock maintenance affects cargo passages through Panama Canal

The sailors’ wave of hand signified that another cargo safely passed the century-old Panama Canal, where the prolonged maintenance of the Pedro Miguel Lock on the Pacific side has been dragging down its operation.

(Soundbite) Jorge Quijano, Administrator of Panama Canal Authority
“This is going to end one way or another in the second quarter (of 2016). Believe it or not, it won’t go beyond that date. Those who want to stay here longer can stay longer as tourists because there will be no more work (due then).”

The project started in last September, but was suspended allegedly due to the delay of payment from the managing side, usually leading to over a hundred ships waiting to pass.

(Soundbite) Jorge Quijano, Administrator of Panama Canal Authority
“We will continue put pressure on them to (help us) complete the work. We were committed when we came to an agreement last year and we have to fully comply with what was agreed upon last year.”

Connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic, the Panama Canal is one of the most important man-made waterways to facilitate global trade.

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