Dengue fever outbreak worsens in Taiwan

Authorities in Taiwan are struggling to cope with an outbreak of the dengue fever.

Confirmed cases of the disease have risen sharply in recent days, pushing the total number above 12,000.

It could be Taiwan’s worst dengue fever outbreak in a decade.

On Friday alone, more than 740 new cases were confirmed in the island, a record high for a single day.

That pushes the total number of cases above 12,000.

And authorities have created a command office to combat the rapid increase in the disease.

“Every month there were new cases. We’d update all our data and check out whether there was any negligence.”

Dengue fever is spread by mosquito bites.

It mainly affects people in tropical and subtropical regions, causing fever, nausea and muscle and joint aches.

Most of the dengue cases in Taiwan were confirmed in the south of the island.

Reports say 25 people have died of the disease, and some experts say insufficient spraying of pesticides was to blame for the unusually high number of cases this year.

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